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  • How many students to a Pole
    Krissy pole studio is fitted with x2 45mm Stainless Steel Xpole. Classes will be 2 students per a pole
  • How much is a class
    A single pay as you go class is £16.00. Pole classes/pole hire packages are available, 4 class £55 and 8 classes £100. Pole package are non refundable and non transferable and needs to be used within a month classes are non refundable To cancel and reschedule a class please contact 48 hours in advance otherwise you'll be charged
  • I have no experience or strength is pole still for me
    Absolutely it is! Pole is for everyone and our beginner classes cater especially for this. We will work on building strength and correct grip techniques. Coming to a class consistently we help you improve and each week we will work on new shapes on and off the pole.
  • What should I wear to class
    It's important you feel comfortable, gym type clothing like shorts and a top is advised. We request that no body lotions are worn when attending a pole dance class as this can make the poles very slippy and difficult to maneuver on. Please remove all jewellery
  • Pole Hire/Studio Hire
    Pole hire is available at £10 an hour 1 person to a pole and you can book as many hours as your heart desires. Available to book on full timetable. No instructor present during pole hire. If you would like to hire out the studio exclusively/to teach a workshop or privately to teach a 121 lesson the cost is £25 an hour. Please email for availability.
  • What ages can attend a class
    18 +
  • What facility are available
    Toilets and seating available. After a hard workout, help yourself to a well earned coffee with a delicious biscuit free of charge.
  • What class should I attend
    Absolute beginner /Beginner If your new to pole or an experience beginner the absolute beginner/beginner class is perfect for you. We will work on beginner moves, learn how to climb. prep for inverts and start to work on shapes like Jasmine, Genie, Hood Ornament to name a few. Progression and regression given. Work on basic spins low on the floor, climbs, seats, upright shapes, grip techniques, inverts No experience necessary Intermediate 3 contact points combos Tricks upside down Building up strength and working on flexibility Working on aerial inverts and aerial transitions moves covered in class Leg hangs and leg switches, butterfly, superman, torso switches Transition moves Jasmine and Genie Requirements: Inverts from the ground, climbs and seats Advance 2 contact points combos Shoulder mount Ayesha Flexibility tricks Handspring Requirements: Strong inverts, strong leg hooks and leg hangs Mix Level class is prefect if you can climb, sit and understand the basic. We will work on upside down tricks and more upright tricks with less contact points. Progression and regression given. Spin Pole class is perfect for all levels and would like to understand how to work with the momentum and create beautiful shapes and combos. Requirements: Basic beginner spins
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